I am Jeremy Livingston and my interest in topical solutions and pharmaceuticals started at a young age. I was 10 years old when I accidentally burnt myself playing around and my mother applied Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant onto the burnt area. I felt immediate relief and the burn got better after a couple of days. From this point on, I became more and more interested on the effects of different topical solutions or creams.

I later on decided to pursue my curiosity further by taking up a chemistry course in University of California, Los Angeles. Immediately after graduating, I decided to go around the world and study the different creams and solutions that other countries and cultures use for their conditions. I visited numerous places – from Europe to Africa to India to Japan and many others.

The country that interested me the most, though, was China. Their traditional medicine was so different from the modern medicine that we see in the Western world. I spent a couple of years there in China to study the components of each of the treatments and he learned so much. It was a mix of science and tradition. I wanted to bring the products back to the United States but then some would not pass the health and production standards due to the way it was manufactured and distributed in China. But at this point, I already knew what I needed to make new treatments.

In 2008, I launched Cleanse, a topical pharmaceutical company that provides all natural solutions from 100% American made products, with Fungus Clean, a product that carried the brand and give Cleanse its reputation today. Since then I along with the innovative scientists over at Cleanse have been creating new and safe treatments that can be used by the everyday American.