Best Toenail Fungus Treatment 2018

Fungal infections are not an uncommon issue amongst many, both young and old, and you’ll be hard-pressed to come across anyone who at one point in time has not had to deal with the itching and cracking of the skin associated with athlete’s foot or the rashes and burning sensations that result from ring worms and yeast infections. As its name suggests, they are caused primarily by the existence of microscopic fungus within the affected area, and usually manifests on the extremities.

Fortunately, since these types of issues aren’t rare there are plenty of effective ways to treat them. The most common way of doing so is through the use and application of anti-fungal medication creams being topically applied on the affected areas with effectual results. Fungal infections can also be avoided and prevented by maintaining cleanliness and general hygiene as well.

Our Top 9 Picks for Fungal Infection Treatments

Listed below are our top ten picks for fungal infection treatments. These products were chosen based on the consideration of a few key factors, namely the quality of the ingredients that they are comprised of, potential side-effects that they may have, additional health benefits, and most importantly the results that is ultimately produced.

  1. Fungus Clean – Alliance Organics

First in the list is Fungus Clean, a product manufactured by the Alliance Naturals company. This oral supplement works serves as a treatment for fungal infections, specifically those located in the nail areas. It accomplishes this by not only attacking the problem topically, but targeting and eliminating the main cause of the issue from within which in turn results in the individual being granted relief from the infection to great effect.

With its formulation that includes but isn’t necessarily limited to several different types of probiotic strains, Fungus Clean aims to flush our potentially harmful bacteria using all-natural ingredients, promoting both immunity as well as overall skin health as a result. It’s reasonably well-priced, with the manufacturer offering three different kinds packages for the product.

  1. Fungus Hacks by Nutrition Hacks

An all-natural supplement that its manufacturers, Nutrition Hacks, claims to have no side-effects, Fungus Hacks works well against fungus by dealing with issue not just superficially but internally as well. It’s a three-stage process that consists of targeting the affected areas first, followed by taking down the cell wall of the fungus infection and lastly destroying any remainders or residue that topically-applied creams may miss.

Perhaps the most enticing quality of this supplement is that its manufacturer offers a 180-day money-back guarantee. What this essentially means is that the company has you covered, minus the shipping fees incurred. With this return policy paired with several positive online reviews on the product, Nutrition Hacks appears to be good value for money and well-worth a try for those who may be interested.

  1. Urgent Fungus Destroyer

Urgent Fungus Destroyer is an oral dietary supplement that was developed by Phytage Laboratories with the aim to strike at the underlying problems and root causes beneath the external fungal infections. Claiming to have approximately twenty different kinds of natural, fungus-fighting ingredients within each capsule, its manufacturer lists the time-frame for the effects to take in as little seven days although they do suggest regular ingestion for at least ninety for the most optimal outcome.

Because it acts more as a multi-vitamin rather than medication, it’s relatively safe to take and holds no side-effects. It is suggested that the supplement be shown to a medical professional or expert before use if medication is currently being taken for a pre-existing condition. It should also not be taken by those under 18 years of age as well as pregnant women.

  1. Fungus Shield Plus

A natural dietary formulation developed by one Richard Parker as well as Dr. Walter Mills, Fungus Shield Plus was designed to help assist individuals in overcoming the effects that of pain and discomfort that are all-too familiar with toenail fungal infections. It works to serve as a remedy for the point of origin or the main cause of the issue which in turn generates the desired results in a far more immediate fashion while preventing the same problems from reoccurring.

There appears to be no listed side-effects too which is undoubtedly helped in no small part by the natural ingredients that the supplement is comprised of. However, some of these ingredients do have elements that may potentially cause stomach pains or headaches, and it is advisable to seek advice from a health expert first before trying.

  1. EmoniNail

Unlike the orally-ingested supplements mentioned above, EmoniNail is eliminates the existence of fungus at the root and source via topical application to the affected areas. Using potent and natural ingredients comprised of a variety of plant extracts as well as essential oils, it claims to be able to effectively serve as a treatment for these issues by penetrating through the nail bed. This not only kills the existing fungus but also clears the nails of the yellow keratin, restoring their original color.

EmoniNail is simple to use too, with instructions limited to simply washing the affected area before its application which should be done at least twice daily. The company also offers customers their money back guaranteed if no results show within sixty days too, making it a smarter purchase as a result due to the generous return policy offered and the reasonably affordable price tag associated with the product.

  1. Funginix

Funginix is a topically-applied treatment for fungal infections of the nail. It claims to be the best and most potent anti-fungal solution on the market, boasting a multitude of fungus-fighting agents, extracts and oils. With its relative ease of use and application as well as the lack of any adverse effects, it serves as a viable alternative to those who may not like the idea of taking oral supplements or medications to overcome these types of issues.

The product also comes with a 60-day refund with no questions or further inquiries if the desired don’t present. The manufacturers also claim that even individuals with pre-existing conditions can use Funginix, although they do heavily suggest that anyone who is currently on medication should consult their respective physicians before using the product.

  1. ZetaClear

ZetaClear is yet another topical solution created with the purpose of treating exiting fungal infections in the toenail and fingernail areas. Topically applied to the affected areas, its combination of ingredients which include, but certainly not limited, to almond and clove oil offer exceptional healing properties that not only aims to eliminate fungus but improve the health of the nail, but also to restore its look by clearing the area of the common yellowing effect.

With its homeopathic approach to treatment, the manufacturer states that the product should be safe and free of any potential side-effects. However, they do advise to seek immediate medical assistance in the event that it is orally ingested or comes into contact with the eyes or mouth. Timeframe for results to show vary from case to case but generally fall within three to eight months.

  1. Fungus Stop

Clinically tested and proven to eliminate 99.9% using only natural herbs in its formulation, Fungus Stop is an anti-fungal treatment in the form of a nail solution. It claims to utilize Carvacrol as its active primary ingredient which is an element commonly found in oregano and known for its amazingly remarkable and effective fungal-elimination qualities to great effect, claiming to yield the desired results in as little as four weeks.

Based on a number of online reviews, reception for the product has been generally positive, with a lot of customer pointing out how quick and fast-acting Fungus Stop is. Its ease of application and immediate results have no doubt contributed to its popularity, with more and more people recommending the product.

  1. Japanese Toenail Fungus by Dr. Ishiguro

As opposed to the dietary supplements and various forms of topical solutions and medications to combat fungal infections, the Japanese Toenail Fungus Code by Dr. Ishiguro aims to provide an alternative form of treatment. While its principles start mainly with maintaining good hygiene, the guide contains comprehensive information from the explanation of ingredients to easily accessible home remedies.

The guide provides an exhaustive insight towards fungal-related treatments, promising to results in no more than two weeks. They also offer your money back guaranteed too. But it’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t something that can relieve and cure the ailment overnight, and the remedies provided within the book must be consistently used in order to have any effect.